BUMO full node wallet
Synchronization of multiple node ledgers supports multi-asset aggregation management, offline transaction signature and joint signature account control, meeting user demands in various scenarios and creating a secure, easy-to-use blockchain wallet client.
Multi-asset management
Supports two tokenization protocols, ATP and CTP, and provides multi-asset aggregation management, and can perform operations like assets transfer or assets query.
Offline transaction signature
The private key is stored on an offline device and it takes three steps to complete offline transactions, which makes user assets secure.
Multi-signature joint account control
The account is controlled by multiple users based on threshold and weight, which makes account control more secure and collaboration more efficient.
Private key backup
Local storage of private key supports mnemonic backup strategy, and the user has full control over the private key.
Asset circulation is flexible and convenient.
Configure languages on demand.
Transaction information
local query for transaction records.
Account balance
Get account balance information in real time.