BUMO Global Ambassadors will have the opportunity to be deeply involved in this trend to change the industry and witness the coming of a new future.
The BUMO Global Ambassadors Project takes the initiative to attract Community Leaders, Blockchain Industry Expert and KOLs to join the global ecosystem of BUMO, and become the cornerstone in the worldwide expansion of BUMO ecosystem. The Global Ambassadors take the missions, make the contribution and gain incentives accordingly. The Global Ambassadors will enjoy the enormous benefits in the rapid development of BUMO as the first tier public chain in the world, and will also have the opportunity to apply for the BUMO Global SuperNodes in the near future.
The time to implement Blockchain into real business has come, and more and more business scenarios will be built on the Blockchain to grow a whole new business model. BUMO Global Ambassadors will have the opportunity to be deeply involved in this trend to change the industry and witness the coming of a new future.
Covered Districts
South Korea
More to come...
Application Procedure

Applicants can self-recommend or be recommended by an existing Global Ambassador. Click “Apply” and fill the application form.

Submit your resume and/or recommendation letter.

BUMO will conduct the background check as of experience, resource and committed time.

BUMO will discuss with potential Ambassadors for the missions and benefits.

To be an official Global Ambassador, either one requirement should be satisfied: 1、Recommend developers team to finish the tasks of code review (, and help the team to win the prize, and then the Candidate Ambassador will become Global Ambassador automatically. 2、BUMO Foundation agrees the candidate be a Global Ambassador after serious consideration.

BUMO Foundation signs the agreement with Global Ambassador to clarify the rights and obligations for both sides.
BUMO Global Ambassador will take responsibilities and enjoy the rights accordingly.
The title of BUMO Global Ambassador is valid for one year and will be renewed upon the agreement of both sides.
Responsibilities of Global Ambassadors

To promote BUMO public blockchain in the local community, to hold meetups and maintain an active BUMO developers’ community.

Accept the assignment from BUMO to provide development and technical support for potential business leads.

Get regular training from BUMO to keep up-to-date.

Participate in media interviews and BUMO branding promotion activities as a BUMO Global Ambassador.

Rights of Global Ambassadors

BU payment for your endeavors.

Represent BUMO to do business with potential clients, to develop DApps based on tools from the BUMO public blockchain.

Hold meetups with the support from BUMO.

Revenue Sharing attributed to BUMO from clients(if the client is assigned by BUMO to Ambassdor).

Priority in being selected as BUMO Global SuperNodes.

Incentives for Global Ambassadors
Global Ambassadors will be awarded 500-5K USD valued BU token as the prize if these Global Ambassadors find, recommend and help developers team to win the award for the task of code review. For the award for developers team, please check for details.
BU token will be awarded to Global Ambassadors for promoting BUMO’s brand, holding events, interacting with developers team and finishing other tasks. Two categories of Incentives will be applied, Base Incentive plus Tasks Accomplishment Incentives. And there is NO upper limit for this Incentive System.
BU Token Value
For holding the Global Ambassador's title
1,000 USD$
Per month
Hold Meetup and present for BUMO(at least 20 ppl)
1,000 USD$
Per time
Deliver speech at 3rd party's conference(at least 15 minutes)
800 USD$
Per time
Hold Tech Workshop(at least 20 developers, within 120 minutes)
1,000 USD$
Per time
Hold Tech Workshop(at least 20 developers, half-day session)
2,000 USD$
Per time
Record Online Tutorial/Course for BUMO public chain
1,500 USD$
Per time
Enroll Developers Team to develop on BUMO public chain
500 USD$
Per time
Enroll Developers Team to finish Code Review tasks and help win the prize
500-5,000 USD$
The prize won by the developers team
Provide support for a new project (including but not limited to business model design, token models design, DAC design, legal, strategy, sales, marketing, products, tech, strategy cooperation or partnership and etc.)
Company value, TBD with the project
Represent BUMO to get media interview(at least 10 minutes)
500 USD$
Per time
Write article for BUMO(tech features, marketing and etc.) and get published(3rd party blockchain media, blogs, business or high tech media and etc.)
500 USD$
Per time
Other tasks assigned by BUMO